Terminal 4 at LAX Guide

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Terminal 4

The LAX Terminal 4 has 16 gates which serve as a hub for American Airlines. Terminal 4 was built in 1961 and improved its functioning and appearance, as it got renovated in 2002 for $400 million.

The LAX Terminal 4 has American Airlines Admirals Club and the other in the American Eagle Satellite Terminal.

Security Screening Areas

The security screening areas are available at all the LAX Terminals:

TSA Precheck: LAX has dedicated a TSA Precheck lane at each terminal for screening. Passengers can use this lane for speedy processing if they had applied online and paid a fee of $85, and attended an appointment at the enrollment center.

CLEAR: The CLEAR lanes in the terminals facilitate security clearance. Get access to this lane by enrolling and attending an interview for fingertips and iris (eye) scanning.


The LAX Terminal 4 is exclusively used for American Airlines flights.


The departure level at the LAX Terminal 4 has boarding gates of 4 0 to 49.


LAX offers economy parking options for travelers and taxi owners.


The airport lounges at the LAX Terminal 4 are offered by American Airlines. They offer three types of Airport lounges which are as follows:

  • American Airlines Flagship Lounge: This airport lounge offers many services such as Wi-Fi, TV, Internet, premium food, snacks, drinks.

  • American Airlines Admirals Club: The services offered by this airport lounger are Wi-Fi, children’s area, Internet, Printers, snacks, and showers.

  • American Airlines Flagship First Dining: Premium food, Wi-fi, drinks, and snacks are available at this lounge.


There are many restaurants, fast food corners, coffee shops at the LAX Terminal 4:

  • Starbucks
  • Dunkin Donuts
  • 8 oz. Burger Bar
  • Coles
  • Campanile
  • Food & Bounty
  • Real Food Daily
  • Sammy’s Woodfire Pizza
  • La Provence Pastisserie and Cafe
  • Homeboy Cafe

You can visit these outlets to fulfill your appetite until your flight arrives at the terminal.

Between Terminals

There are several ways to transfer between the terminals. Either by walking across the terminals or by using the shuttles provided by the terminals to transport the passengers.

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