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Quickly find the best taxi cab services and cost at LAX


Many taxi services operate at LAX and provide convenient and prompt transfers to and from the terminals. Whether you’re flying into or out of Los Angeles International Airport, grabbing a taxicab will be a breeze! Keep reading to discover where to find a taxi at LAX, all authorized companies, and the Los Angeles Airport taxi rates.

Taxi Pick-Up & Drop-Off Points at LAX

While LAX taxi drop-offs take place on the terminal curbs of Upper/Departure Level, pick-ups occur at the following locations:

  1. At the LAX-it lot—walk to it by following the signs or hop on a free LAX-it shuttle under the green signs on the Lower/Arrivals Level of each terminal.
  2. Inside the LAX P3 parking structure—this pick-up point is suitable for those arriving at Tom Bradley International Terminal or Terminal 3 since it’s located between them.
  3. At the far end of Terminal 7—passengers arriving at Terminal 7 or Terminal 8 may head to this location outside of baggage claim.

Accessible taxicabs at LAX pick up passengers at the LAX Central Terminal Area—look for the dark blue sign at the terminal curbside.

Authorized LAX Taxi Companies

Even though it’s unnecessary, you can arrange an LAX Airport taxi ride in advance. The airport allows pick-ups only to taxis with an official seal from the City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation. Here are the authorized taxicab companies:

  • City Cab
  • Yellow Cab
  • Independent Taxi
  • Bell Cab Company
  • United Checker Cab
  • Beverly Hills Cab Company
  • United Independent Taxi Drivers
  • United Taxi of San Fernando Valley

To arrange an accessible taxi service or require additional info, call taxi dispatch at 310-646-9177. See below for Los Angeles Airport taxi rates.

How Much Is Taxi to LAX?

Taxi fees vary according to the LAX taxi service, time of the day, and destination, but there are flat rates to and from certain locations. Yellow Cab is the most popular choice, so we looked into its flat fees to help you plan your trip.

  • Taxi from Santa Monica to LAX: $30–$35
  • West Hollywood to/from LAX: $40
  • Downtown to/from LAX: $46.50

These rates apply per trip, which means that you can split the cost with your traveling companions and lower personal expenses. To discover the price for any other route, use the booking form at the top of this page.

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