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App-based transportation services allow a quick, straightforward, and convenient way of traveling. Whether you need a transfer to or from LAX, you’ll be able to request it in a few clicks for yourself or your group. Discover all authorized transportation network companies at LAX, pick-up and drop-off points, and price estimates—use the info to find the most suitable ride!

Authorized Rideshare Services at LAX

Los Angeles Airport authorized three ride app companies to serve LAX passengers:

Each TNC provides multiple ride options for solo travelers and individuals who require more spacious, high-end transfers. Uber even offers a convenient green ride for eco-conscious travelers. You'll quickly find and book within the app whatever you need!

LAX Rideshare Pick-Up Location

Los Angeles Airport passengers can meet their rideshare driver at the LAX-it lot, which is located next to Terminal 1. Depending on the terminal of your arrival, you can get to the pick-up location in one of two ways:

  1. After exiting the terminal on the Baggage Claim level, walk to the LAX-it lot by following the signs from Terminal 1.
  2. Hop on a free LAX-it shuttle, which stops on the Lower/Arrivals Level of every terminal. LAX-it shuttles pick up travelers at the inner curb right outside of Baggage Claim—look for the green LAX-it sign.

If you require any assistance, ask the bus operator or airport staff near you. Once you enter the shuttle bus, use the phone app to request a ride from LAX.

TNC Drop-Offs at Los Angeles Airport

If you plan to arrange an Uber, Opoli, or Lyft ride to LAX, the reservation process within the app is the same. When your driver arrives, notify them of your terminal or the air carrier, and they will take you to the designated terminal’s Upper/Departures Level.

Estimated Rideshare Fares

Our team looked into Uber, Lyft, and Opoli price estimates for popular routes, and we noticed that prices for Uber and Lyft rides vary constantly. Here’s the price range for a personal ride from LAX to Downtown Los Angeles:

  • Uber: $35 to $65
  • Lyft: $42 to $60
  • Opoli: $46

As you can see, while Uber and Lyft fares tend to fluctuate wildly, Opoli remains stable in price.

Los Angeles Airport Rideshare vs. Other Options

Before requesting a TNC ride, we suggest that you compare the cost with other ground transport services, especially those with fixed rates.

For instance, consider grabbing a taxi at LAX; Yellow Cab has a fixed rate of $46.50 for transfers to the downtown area. If that’s too pricey, public transportation is your go-to choice—you can reach downtown for as low as $1! If searching for a middle ground, look into LAX shuttles or try out Shuttle Fare.

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