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Public Transportation

Public transit is the most budget-friendly way of traveling across Los Angeles. Due to the extensive transportation network, LAX passengers may use several transport providers to the city of LA, Torrance, UCLA, Culver City, Santa Monica, etc. Keep reading to discover the nitty-gritty of LAX public transportation services and how to get to the airport stations.

LAX Public Transit Services & Fares

The following public transit providers offer cost-effective transfers to those flying into or out of Los Angeles Airport:

  • L.A. Metro: the Metro Green Line stops at the Aviation/LAX Station, while several bus lines serve the LAX City Bus Center, including 102, 111, 117, and 232. A one-way Metro fare is $1.75.
  • Beach Cities Transit: BCT Line 109 runs from the Redondo Beach Riviera Village to the LAX City Bus Center, and it also stops at the Aviation C Line (Green) Station. It operates between 6 AM and 10 PM, and a fixed-route cash fare is $1.00.
  • Culver City Bus Lines: Both Culver CityBus Line 6 and Rapid 6 depart from UCLA and drop off at the LAX City Bus Center every day. Purchase a TAP card at any vending machine for only $1.00.
  • Santa Monica Big Blue Bus: Route 3 and Rapid 3 offer frequent and convenient transfers between Santa Monica and the LAX City Bus Center. A regular fare with a TAP card is $1.00, while a Day Pass is $4.
  • Torrance Transit: Line 8 runs between Torrance and the LAX Transit Center with multiple in-between stops. A local base fare is $1.00, while the L.A. Express fare is $2.00.

Alternatively, travelers may use the FlyAway bus service from LAX to Union Station and Van Nuys. These buses pick up next to the blue FlyAway sign on the Lower/Arrivals Level, and each one-way fare is are $9.75.

How To Get to the LAX City Bus Center

Los Angeles International Airport provides a free shuttle bus service between the terminals and LAX City Bus Center/Lot South. Complimentary shuttle buses pick up on each terminal's Lower/Arrivals Level—look for the pink LAX Shuttle sign. “Lot South/LAX City Bus Center” shuttles operate from 4 AM to 2 AM every day.

How To Get to the Aviation/Green Line Station

LAX passengers who want to connect to the Metro C Line can hop on a free shuttle to the Aviation Station in front of any terminal. Wait next to the pink LAX Shuttle sign on the Lower/Arrivals Level and board the “Metro C Line (Green Line)” shuttle bus. Before entering the shuttle, make sure it runs to the right station.

Top Public Transportation / Bus Tips and Hacks From our Community of Travelers

  • Flyaway bus to and from LAX, especially if you live close to a bus stop. The service is less expensive, fast, convenient and a great ride.
  • Now that Uber is double what it used to be to Downtown LA. Previously saving $10 didn't make sense, so I never took the Flyaway bus. However, Uber is much more expensive and the savings are worth the transfer over to Union Station.
  • Case in point, the last time I requested an Uber from LAX to just north of Downtown Los Angeles, the rate when from $40USD to $70USD. This was between the time I was in baggage claim waiting for my luggage. Not a good experience, so I would agree with Flyaway Bus as well.
  • When I lived in Lakewood I'd take the Green Line bus from LAX to the Metro and take that to the Lakewood station, then Uber/Lyft from there for less than $10.
  • Flyaway Bus is designed for people further away. If you live on the west side, there are probably other general bus routes that could take you to LAX in a more direct route. A lot of the nearby parking lots and hotels have free shuttles if you're dropped off outside of LAX as well.
  • North to south bus routes in this city are abysmal. If you’re going east to west it’s pretty good.
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