Los Angeles LAX Airport Pet Relief Locations | Animal Policies for 2022

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When flying out of Terminal 1 at Los Angeles International Airport with an animal such as a dog, you'll want to read our article about the indoor, outdoor and post-security pet relief locations.


According to LAWA, Los Angeles International Airport has the most indoor pet relief stations of any airport in the country. So, if you plan to travel with your furry little friend, LAX will provide all the amenities and services you may require. We’ll list the location of each animal relief station, provide the LAX pet relief area map, and offer information on additional amenities your pet might need.

Pet Relief Areas at Los Angeles Airport Terminals

LAX has nine passenger terminals, and animal relief stations are conveniently located at eight of them. Each station has an artificial grass patch, fire hydrant, and dog waste station with disposable waste bags. Check out the precise locations below.

Terminal 1

Travelers at Terminal 1 will find the indoor pet relief room near Gate 13. It’s placed behind California Pizza Kitchen, next to the men’s restroom.

Terminal 2

When searching for a service animal/pet relief area, LAX Terminal 2 passengers will find it in a room near Gate 21B. It’s by the TSA Passenger Screening area.

Terminal 3

At Terminal 3, there’s an outdoor station for pets and service animals, and you can find it inside the open-air atrium in the center of the terminal.

Terminal 4

Passengers searching for the LAX Terminal 4 pet relief area will find it when they pass Gate 41 and continue towards TBIT. The room is located along the bridge to the international terminal.

Terminal 5

The relief area for pets at Terminal 5 is near Gate 52B. Gate numbers 52A–52J are at the Regional Terminal, which is used for American Eagle flights only. To get there, airline passengers can take a shuttle at Bus Gate next to Gate 54A.

Terminal 6

The service animal/pet relief area at LAX Terminal 6 is placed in the outdoor atrium next to the restrooms by Gate 62.

Terminal 7/8

You’ll find the pet relief station at Terminal 7/8 in the corner near United Club. It’s at the east end, on the path towards the walkway to Terminal 6.

Tom Bradley International Terminal

Terminal B at LAX has a pet relief area next to the entrance to the walkway to Terminal 4. There’s also a pet station by the restroom between West Gates 206 and 208.

Other Outdoor Pet Relief Stations

Los Angeles Airport has additional open-air pet relief stations at the following locations:

  • Between LAX Parking Structures 5 and 6;
  • Between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

Additional Information and Tips for Pet Owners at LAX

Use the information below to prepare yourself and your furry friend for a stress-free journey without any inconvenience at LAX.

  • If you run out of dog treats or wish to get a toy for your pet, a few retail shops sell a variety of such items. Purchase dog biscuits at Ashland Hill at Terminal 3 or head to Farmers Market at Terminal 5.
  • To refill your bottle or dog’s bowl, use one of the multiple water bottle refill stations available throughout LAX and near several pet relief stations.
  • If your dog or cat is comfortable in their carrier, keep them in there—pets aren’t allowed off-leash except within a fenced LAX pet relief area.
  • Although a health certificate isn’t required, you must bring proof of rabies vaccination if your dog is older than four months.
  • If you have trouble finding a pet relief area, check out the LAX Pet Relief Locations Map. Use LAX Official Site to see more detailed terminal maps with pre-security animal relief areas and post-security animal relief stations.

Should you need any assistance, don't hesitate to ask the airport personnel for help. Opening hours for passengers and personnel vary between terminals.

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