Best Rates for Los Angeles Airport LAX Currency Exchange

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Currency Exchange

Where to find Currency Exchange Counters at Los Angeles International?

You can find the International Currency exchange locations at LAX, also know as ICE, using the table below:

Terminal Location
Terminal 2 Departures and Arrivals
Terminal 3 Departures only
Terminal 6 Departures and Arrivals
Terminal 7 Departures only
TBIT - Tom Bradley Terminal Departures South and North Entrance and Arrivals

Three key aspects of the LAX Currency Exchange are:

  1. Customer service - that's 24 hours!
  2. Wide range of products.
  3. The Currency Exchange website also gives you discounts, trends, and recommendations.

Their service is foreign-friendly and it integrates all major international issuing currencies including the US Dollar, Euro, Japanese Yen, British Pound, Swiss Franc for example.

Quick comparison between the top-selling and the most expensive

When exchanging money in Los Angeles, there are a few different options. The two cheapest options are ordering online and paying with Travelex or using your credit card and Travelex. Travelex is located near the Airport, not directly in it.

Tips and tools to help you save your money.

When it comes to traveling and exchanging money, the best way to save money is by exchanging your currency at a local exchange. You can find these exchanges in most airports, and they offer a "cut throat" rate--meaning that the rate is high, but there are no other choices. As mentioned above, at A LAX these locations are called ICE.

A final note. Always be aware of scams and online identity theft when traveling. There are a number of resources available online that can help keep you safe while abroad.

Best Rates for Los Angeles Airport LAX Currency Exchange - Reviews