Los Angeles Airport LAX: Latest news and information on Covid-19

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LAX has employed a number of policies and procedures to make safety a priority during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s everything you need to know about travel safety, travel and quarantine requirements, LAX covid testing, and LAX COVID restrictions.

Travelers arriving at LAX

All travelers above the age of 16 entering Los Angeles from another country or state are required to fill out the Los Angeles Traveler Health Form, an online form that certifies that they have read and understood the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention’s Travel guidance:

Travelers who fail to fill out and submit the online form may be fined up to $500.

LAX COVID vaccination sites

You’ll find several COVID vaccination sites around LAX. Here’s a comprehensive list of COVID vaccinations sites in Los Angeles near you. All patients must schedule their appointments online prior to getting tested.

LAX COVID testing center

LAX COVID testing sites are available in the terminal area: in a primary lab across the street from Terminal 6 and another in the arrivals area in Tom Bradley International Terminal. Travelers are required to set an appointement before checking into the testing location. Here are the tests available and the LAX COVID testing price:

Standard PCR test (nasal-swab)

  • Location: Across Terminal 6
  • Results: Within 24 hours ($125) Priority results within 3-5 hours ($175)

Rapid PCR test

  • Location: Across Terminal 6
  • Results: Within 90 minutes ($199)

Antigen test

  • Location: Tom Bradley International Terminal
  • Results: Within 1-hour ($80)

Contact Clarity Labs for more information about LAX COVID testing.

Deciding which test to take

Travelers looking to skip quarantine periods or enter certain destinations may be advised to take PCR tests. Antigen tests are faster and cheaper, but they can be less accurate than PCR tests in some situations and not all airlines allow them. Know which type of testing is required for your destination and airline prior to getting tested.

Staying safe when traveling to and from LAX parking

Your time spent on a plane may be safer than what happens before or after you board, as airplanes are equipped with advanced air filtration. Travelers are advised to follow CDC guidelines: practice social distancing, avoid high-touch surfaces, and keep their hands sanitized as much as possible when traveling to and from LAX parking. Read our guides on available transit options to and from LAX.

LAX COVID Entry Requirements


Facemasks are required for anyone inside terminals, LAWA office buildings, and ground transportation. Those who do not wear proper facemasks will be denied entry or escorted off the property. Read the CDC guidelines on face masks. Face masks are also available in LAX retail stores.

Face masks must comply with the law and must meet the CDC standards.

Comply with your destination’s travel restrictions

Several domestic and international destinations have travel rules and restrictions for visitors. Visit the AITA website to learn more about the travel requirements of your destination.

Comply with your airline’s rules

Know your airline’s flight status and travel requirements. Here’s a list of LAX airlines.

Health screening for passengers from high-risk destinations

Travelers from high-risk countries and regions may be subject to health entry screenings. These screenings are managed by the Customs and Border Protection, Department of Homeland Security, and Centers for Disease prevention. Learn more about LAX health screening procedures.

COVID information for LAX establishments

Several LAX restaurants and shops are currently operating on reduced hours while offering only grab-and-go food. Here’s a list of LAX restaurants and shops along with their opening and closing hours.

Access to LAX

Only airport personnel, airline passengers, and people accompanying, assisting, or meeting them are allowed entry into LAX. The airport is closed to the general public.

LAX International Arrivals Process

Travelers from other countries visiting the United States are required to present proof of vaccination and a negative COVID-19 test at least three days before departure. The CDC recommends that passengers get another test 3-5 days after arrival while self-quarantining 7 days post travel. Read more about the US travel requirements during the pandemic.

Those who cannot show proof of vaccination may be exempted in certain cases but will require additional testing.

Non-U.S. citizens visiting the United States

Non-citizen travelers must verbally attest their purpose of travel and show proof of COVID-19 vaccination at the border inspection process. Some foreign nationals are allowed entry into the United States. Learn more about international travel restrictions from the Centers for Disease Control website.

U.S. citizens coming back to the United States

U.S. Citizens coming back to the U.S., read more about requirements and quarantine rules from the State Department website.

Security check point rules on bringing hand sanitizer and food

Hand sanitizers. TSA rules state that all travelers are allowed to bring one liquid hand sanitizer in their carry-on bags (up to 12 ouncers per person). Hand sanitizers are separately screened.

Food. All travelers must remove food from their luggage and run it through the scanner in a clear plastic bag to minimize the TSA officer’s contact with food items. Learn more about TSA security protocols.


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