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Phone Charging Stations at LAX

Your electronic devise, whether it's your cell phone, iPad or laptop keep us in touch with loved ones and allow us to work when traveling. But when you are running out of battery power in an Airport, what do you do? The great thing about modern day airports is that power charging stations are being installed in terminals and even on airplanes to help travelers stay powered up.

Read our complete guide on phone charging stations at LAX that offers you a simple breakdown of where these power stations are located at each terminal plus tips and advice.

  • It's common courtesy to not take up a seat where a charging port is located if you do not need to charge your devise. So simply find a seat without a charging port.
  • In the event there are no open charging stations, what should you do? Unplugging other people's devices from a charging port is really not a great idea, even if the phone is fully charged. Ask the person nicely, if they wouldn't mind allowing you to use the port. Most people will have no problem with it.
  • Do not leave your devise unattended. Always keep an eye on it even if you have to walk away for a minute. If you have to be somewhere else, try to come back from time to time to ensure your devise is still there, firstly, and secondly, if it's fully charged. Best advice is to take a seat and relax while the devise charges. Once your devise is fully charged, unplug it and find another seat to give other travelers an opportunity to charge up their device as well.

Where are the charging stations for electronic devices at LAX?

You will find over 40 charging stations in Terminal 1, Terminal 8 and Tom Bradley International Terminal. These charging stations are located at gates under the seat typically.

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